Frequently Asked Questions

From where our doors are manufactured to how to maintain your C.H.I. garage door. Settle your curiosity before contacting an Authorized C.H.I. Overhead Doors dealer nearest you.

Where are your doors manufactured?
We are located in Arthur, Illinois, a small community in east central Illinois. All of our products are manufactured in Arthur and shipped all across the USA and Canada.

Where can I buy C.H.I. doors?
We have over 800 professional door distributors in the United States and Canada who are ready to assist you.

Where can I obtain C.H.I. door parts?
Parts for C.H.I. doors are distributed exclusively by authorized C.H.I. Overhead Doors dealers.

Where can I find a copy of the C.H.I. Overhead Doors warranty?
Most C.H.I. doors have a limited Lifetime Warranty to the original homeowner on the sections. You do not need to register the door claim a warranty, simply contact your local distributor with the serial number. The number can be found on the edge of the door on a small white sticker. Click here to access the warranty.

Does C.H.I. Overhead Doors offer an extended warranty?
Yes, we offer an extended warranty on some models. All premium steel doors are available with a Lifetime Package. In addition to the standard warranty on the sections, we added a limited Lifetime Warranty to the original homeowner on all hardware, springs and track.

Can I repaint my C.H.I. door?
Yes, you can repaint your C.H.I. door if necessary. You can download painting instructions here:
Steel doors
Overlay Carriage House doors
High Definition Fiberglass doors

Do you provide maintenance recommendations for C.H.I. doors?
Yes we do. Click here to access our recommended preventive maintenance schedule.

I've lost my owner's manual. Where can I obtain another copy?
Click here to access a digital copy of the C.H.I. owner's manual.

Do you have installation instructions?
Yes we do have installation instructions. Click here to access a digital copy of the residential installation instructions.

One of my door sections is damaged. Can I replace a single section on my door, or do I need to replace the entire door?
You can replace just one section if needed. Contact your local C.H.I. distributor for assistance.

I’m having a garage door opener installed. Will I need special bracing where the operator bracket mounts to the door?
The top section of the door must be reinforced with a horizontal strut, which is the same length as the door width when installing an opener. The garage door opener bracket will attach below the strut.

Do C.H.I. doors qualify for the Energy Tax Credit?
Our premium doors did qualify, but the Federal Energy Tax Credit for garage doors was not renewed for 2011. The last year consumers could benefit from this law was 2010.