Accents Images by C.H.I. Overhead Doors

Jun 12, 2013

C.H.I. Overhead Doors is excited to introduce Accents Images, a groundbreaking display that is vibrant, detailed and sharp. Featuring bold designs, homeowners can now find more great reasons to work and play in their garage.

"We were able to create something completely radical with Accents Images, something like you’ve never seen before,” stated Merle Miller, Marketing Specialist at C.H.I. “People are amazed at the quality and clarity of the images and how seamlessly the sections are pieced together."

The true beauty of Images is how accurately it portrays the vivid, true-to-life colors – from bright blue skies to crystal clear waters. Everything you see is rich and vibrant. Whether homeowners have a small outdoor escape or a generous workshop, multiple images are available to accentuate their lifestyle.

Buck Studio

Accents Images is available in four categories: Destinations, Patriotic, Patterns and Sportsman. Each selected for their brilliant displays. This option is available for interior applications on models 2216, 2283, 4216, 4283, 5216, 5283, 5916, 5983 and available in interior/exterior applications on models 2217 and 2284.